Solea Con Partida | Shared Solitude

Flamenco performance by internationally acclaimed dancer Miguel Vargas, Ale “El Cano” (singing), José Manuel Alconchel Ortega (guitar) and guest appearances by local flamenco dancer Lindsey Bourassa

Nov. 17 at 8pm

Nov. 18 at 4pm

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SOLEA CON-PARTIDA (Shared Solitude) is born from the introspection of two internal universes, which sometimes, only sometimes, travel in parallel and almost always in different manifestations; with the desire to not feel alone within our own inner world; to be able to share the most primal sensations and feelings, making them travel to where destiny lets them fly. Through two of the artistic expressions of flamenco, singing and dancing, we will draw a line of sensitive dialogue, in which we will expose everything that we face each day within our own solitude and present it to the world in the form of art.

Miguel Vargas, Sevilla, Spain
Internationally renowned master flamenco dancer Miguel Vargas incorporates modern and cosmopolitan elements into pure flamenco dance. Vargas debuted at the age of six as a child prodigy and at twelve began teaching flamenco. He began his career in Spain working with artists such as Manuela Carrasco, Mario Maya, Kiko Veneno, and Esperanza Fernandez among many others. He has performed across the globe from Madrid to New York, with tours throughout the US, Singapore, Japan, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Greece and Dubai. Today Miguel is one of the greatest exponents of flamenco dance worldwide.

Ale “El Cano,” Sevilla, Spain
Self-taught, flamenco singer Ale El Cano is a scholar driven by passion and love of art in general. He has worked in theaters, concert halls and tablaos, both as a soloist and accompanist, performing in Seville, Tenerife, Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Tucuman, Cordoba, San Juan, and San Carlos (Argentina) where he performs  cantes a compas (rhythmic songs) with mastery, singing in a manner that is primal and visceral; songs that leave the soul as if it were for the last time.

With guest appearances by local flamenco dancer Lindsey Bourassa