Emergency Sprinkler Fund

Dear Friends,

We are floored by your rapid and generous response to the Mayo Street Arts emergency sprinkler campaign! There has been an unprecedented outpouring of support for Mayo Street Arts with over 100 gifts of under $50 from artists, musicians, and community members, plus a number of larger gifts, including matching gifts, and many first time MSA donors – reaching the goal of $13,900. Wow!

Your gift is a critical piece of this campaign, and we are deeply grateful to you for stepping up in support of our community resource!

Learn More about the Campaign in a Portland Press Herald article HERE

If you would still like to make a gift in support of this campaign, any additional donations received in honor of this campaign will be used to replenish the Mayo Street Arts Building Fund, which is a reserve fund for necessary and emergency repairs to the historic building. Thank you!

THANK YOU Sprinkler Fund Donors! 

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Elizabeth Ackerson
Xar Adelberg
Mark Adelson
Joan and Daniel Amory
Hayden and Meredith Anderson
Kathryn Anker
Ann Tracy Art
Blainor McGough and Brian Arlet
Joan and George Arlet
Nancy Arnold
Janice Bailey
Myron Beasley
Margaret Becksvoort
Beth Blanchard
Victoria and Erno Bonebakker
Veronica Bouchard
Daniel Brodhead
Marcia Brown
Tim Buckley
Erica Burkhart
Jonathan Cannon
Maryellen Carew
Tony Castro
Cullen McGough and Elizabeth Charles-McGough
Nancy Chatfield
Erika Clark-Jensen
Grace Cleaves
Hal Cohen
Trudi Cohen
Rachel Conly
Amy Cookson
Jacob McNally and Leah Coplon
The Crowbait Club
Catherine Crute
Michael and Carla Cutting
Hannah Daly
Jacob DeRaadt
Carl Dimow
Espahbad Dodd
Kelly Dorr
Carin Dunay
Elizabeth Whitman and Harro Jakel
Ruth Elkin
Rich Entel
John Farrell
Jeremy Fink
Catherine Fisher
Forge 360
Meg Fournier
Suzanne Gagnon
Janice Gardner
Noel Genova
Alexander Adams and Bobbie Gilchrist
Kim Gordon
Megan Grumbling
Owen and Audrey Grumbling
Elizabeth Guffey
Steve and Judy Halpert
Liana Hawes
Larry and Allice Hayden
Kathleen Held
Chuck and Enes Henegar
Alison Hildreth
Ayumi Horie
Pauline Hunneman
Randy Hunt
Bruce Hyman
Susan Inman
Emily Isaacson
Philip James
Peg and David Jensen
Deborah Johnson
Jennie Kain
Eric Kawamoto
Edward and Leslie Kaynor
Leigh Kellis
Tim Kennedy
Kenneth Spirer and Joan Leitzer
Colleen Kinsella
Julia Kirtland
Caroline Koelker
Alice Kornhauser
Thomas Kovacevic
Danika Kuhl
David and Pandora LaCasse
Julie Larry
Anne Marie Levine
Mary Allen Lindemann
Peter Lindsey
Scott Logan
Glen Loper
Caroline Loupe
Lee and Meri Lowry
Susan Sterling and Paul Machlin
Johnna Major
Tracy Mastro
Susan McCloskey
Jody and Mary McColman
Elaine McGillicuddy
Leila Meehan
Eleanor Meiners
Robyn Merrill
Charles Miller
Martha Miller
Dinah Minot Hubley
Troy Moon
Aaron Mosher
Ms. Sarah Mueller
Caron Murray
Maggie Muth
Pilar Nadal
Deirdre Nice
Rosa Noreen
Tessa O’Brien
James Patefield and Mackenzie O’Connor
Fiona O’Grady
Constance Ortolani
Christopher Patch
Michael Patterson
Mihku Paul
Moira Driscoll and David Pence Jr.
Peter Bass and Lin Lisberger
Amanda and Mike Petrozzini
Jan Piribeck
Caitlin Pizzonia
Aimsel Ponti
Patti Poole
Ann Quinlan
Dawn Roberts
Alden Robinson
Dylan Rohman
Steve and Christine Rohman
Zachary Rohman
Leslie Runser
Josh Saklad
Ray Sapirstein
Geralyn Sauer
David Sauvageau
Elena Schmidt
Matthew Schreiber
Susan Stewart and Rob Schreiber
Sara Schrock
Catherine Share
Amalia Siegel
Craig Bramley and Kimberly Simmons
Lizz Sinclair
Alison Smith
Sarah Speare
Alice and Richard Spencer
Rosemary Stayduhar
Molly Steinmetz
Steven Gruverman and Marie Wendt
Christopher Sutherland
Tandem Coffee Roasters
Dela and Dugan Taylor Murphy
Ms. Caroline Teschke
Mr. Juris Ubans
Jennifer Van West
Bethany Waickman
Katharine Wallace
Susan Webster
Jennifer Hutchins and Peter Weed
Kris Wills
Rosie Wohl
Polly Plimpton and David Worobec
Valerie Devuyst and Yuji Yasui
Kathryn Yates

Check out the good news story about the MSA Sprinkler Campaign by Aimsel Ponti in the Portland Press Herald: http://mainetoday.com/blog/face-the-music/mayo-street-arts-gets-little-help-fans/

February 27, 2018

RE: Emergency Sprinkler Fund

Dear Friends,

Mayo Street Arts prides itself on being welcoming, fun, and – above all – safe. But right now we are facing a daunting challenge, and we need your help.

During a recent inspection by the Portland Fire Department, it became clear that critical parts of MSA’s fire suppression sprinkler system require immediate repair or replacement in order to meet city safety code. The system, which was installed in 1973, can still meet our needs, but the upgrade needs to get done now.

For the moment, we have temporary permission from the Fire Department to continue operations. But we need to raise the money to do the necessary work, and we need to do it fast. To flush and update the system in accordance with Sprinkler Code requirements is going to cost Mayo Street Arts $13,900. It’s beyond the scope of our budget, and we need your help.

This is so much more than a plumbing problem. This emergency project needs to get done to ensure that Mayo Street Arts can continue in its mission to strengthen our community by providing a haven for the arts that is vibrant, safe, and inspiring. Will you consider making a special gift right now to ensure that Mayo Street Arts can continue to operate as a cultural resource for Portland and a safe neighborhood resource for the families of East Bayside?

Your gift, large or small, will be gathered together with others to help us get this done. Make no mistake: $13,900 is an awful lot of money, and for this to work we’ll need the help of everyone who believes in what Mayo Street Arts is trying to do.If you have any questions, we’d be happy to talk with you about the situation. Give a call at 615-3609.

Thank you for your consideration.



Blainor McGough                                         Hayden Anderson

Executive Director                                        Board Chair


PS – Please consider making a generous gift today. This is an urgent situation, and we need your help!