Accessibility Campaign

July 4th, 2019

Dear Friends,

This summer brings some truly wonderful news.

Mayo Street Arts has just been awarded a Portland Community Development Block Grant of $75,000 to support our important ongoing accessibility projects, including a ramp that will provide wheelchair access to the main performance space!

For the first time in its 129-year history, our historic building will meet the modern accessibility standards set by the Americans With Disabilities Act. This is a huge deal for Mayo Street Arts! It has always been central to our mission that EVERYONE is welcome, and now we will be able to live out that commitment even more fully.

The grant is a great start. To build on this awesome momentum, we hope to raise an additional $25,000 this spring to help make our building and program offerings as accessible and welcoming as possible.

Projects will include continued interior work to enhance physical accessibility, expansion of translation and interpretive services, and the creation of a mural on the exterior of the building that conveys universal welcome to people of all languages.

For an organization like Mayo Street Arts – dedicated to serving our neighborhood and bringing world-class art to the heart of Portland – I feel there’s nothing more important we could be doing.

Will you consider making a gift now to the Mayo Street Arts annual fund to help us reach our goal of an additional $25,000?Your support — no matter how big or small — is incredibly important to us. I promise that your gift will be used to enhance our efforts to provide as warm a welcome as possible to EVERYONE who wants to be a part of the Mayo Street Arts community.

Click here to support Accessibility at Mayo Street Arts.

Thank you for your consideration and your loyal support of Mayo Street Arts!


Blainor McGough
Executive Director