As a nonprofit gallery, Mayo Street Arts is interested in exhibiting art that is edgy, nontraditional, and/or community based.  To discuss an exhibit idea email info@mayostreetarts.org.


Paintings by Zoo Cain

June 6 – August 15

Zoo Cain is a professional Portland, Maine based artist known for making colorful kaleidoscope abstract paintings and slicing up old license plates to use the numbers and letters for creative statements. Zoo is a prominent member in the recovery community having changed his life from one of drugs and alcohol to dedicating himself to art and mentorship for others through their own recovery. Zoo is a beloved local persona and his art can often be seen on the streets of Portland as he drives around town in his colorfully painted truck. Sadly, much of Cain’s work was destroyed in a fire in Portland in 2018. He is also the subject of a documentary, “Peace, Love and Zoo,” by Reginald Groff.

Boys & Girls Club Annual Fine Arts Exhibit 

January 29th-February 7th


MSA and the Boys & Girls Club welcomed Governor Janet Mills at the exhibit’s opening night on Tuesday, January 29! We are very appreciative of the Governor’s support of youth and community art programs.

A range of work was shown by Boys and Girls club members ages 7-18 years old.  Club members produce beautiful works of art ranging from watercolor to acrylic, mixed media and collage.  The Annual Fine Arts Exhibit is a wonderful opportunity for these children to exhibit their talents.

M P Landis: Gardens & Peoples

March 7-31

Zoo Cain

June 6-August 15


Pat Corrigan: Paintings and Drawings
November 15 – December 17 2018

Paul Brahms
September 12 – October 29 2018

John Clark: Platters
April 20 – May 23 2018

Pat Corrigan 2018


Pat Corrigan: I Feel Weird, Kinda
November 8 – December 16 2017

Kifah Abdulla: I Love This Monster
September 8 – October 30 2017

Nor’Eastern Dreamers: Three Kite Makers from Bug Light
June 29 – August 11 2017

Martha Miller: A Woman’s Movement
March 16 – April 29 2017

Id M Theft Able
January 19 – March 10 2017


Pat Corrigan, Vince Nez, Brian Arlet

Paul Brahms

September 15 – October 31 2016

Hilary Irons: Petrouchka

Kith and Kin

April 7 – May 17 2016

Capacitate // Negate // Infiltrate

Boys & Girls Club Annual Fine Art Exhibit


Pat Corrigan & Shon Mahoney

Ghosts III


Art for Social Change First Friday Exhibit

Knock Knock


Pat Corrigan: Welcome to Looneyville

The Search For “Tropical Moon”: The first Phantom Buffalo group (art) show

Pilar Nadal and Anne Buckwalter: Contemporary Fort

April: Dr. Goodweather’s Dreaming Attic

February: Kelly McConnell


December: Future Artists of Portland


Sept 7 – Oct 28: Edwige Charlot and Rachel Gloria: Gilded Roots, Native Grace

June: Angela Warren: Seeing is Hearing

April: Dark Unknown Pleasures: Ryan Alex, Sam Jones, Heather Hudanish, Krysta Davenport


Meghan Howland: Lambs Among Wolves

Various Artists: Puppet Show

Jeni McLaughlin

Portraits: Curated by Heidi Powell

Maine Center for Creativity – Art All Around

Jan Piribek: (EN)CODED LANDSCAPES: Walking-in-Timespace

Johnathan Cook


Gil Corral

Angela Devenney

Art With Heart Hootenanny and Silent Auction

Lemi Ghariokwu: Art’s Own Kind

Willa Vennema, Josh Dallaire, Bryan Bruchman, EBNO: New Beginnings – work by in house artists

Lisa Purinton: Remedies and Repetitions

Arthur Fink and Sara Wilmot: Visual Passion

Irina Alexandrovna Skornyakova: Where You Are