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— Upcoming Shows 2017–

 November 4 at 7:30pm

Seymour & Audrey 2 (LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS)

Horror comedy rock musical “Little Shop of Horrors” gets a miniature twist as David Worobec, a classically trained opera singer, puts on a one-man toy theater performance of this cult classic.

When a timid florist shop worker realizes his venus flytrap can only survive on human blood and flesh, chaos and hilarity ensues in this dark comedy. David Worobec gives an amazing performance, singing and reciting lines for every character, as well as manipulating the puppets on a meticulously detailed tiny theater stage.

November 10 & 11 at 7:30pm


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A wild variety show/cabaret of short puppet acts! Join us for two nights jam packed with astounding, hilarious, edgy and amazing puppetry. Performers include Peaks Island Puppets, Fat Lion Productions, Kat Saunier, Reuben J. Little, Maggie Muth, Inventing Trees, Figures of Speech Theatre, and more.

The King Friday’s Dungeon Puppet Slam happens annually at Mayo Street Arts. The slam is part of the national Puppet Slam Network created by Heather Henson, and curated by local Maine puppeteers.

King Friday, post-monarch, deposed and living in squalor beneath an old vaudeville house hath requestedeth new puppet works and puppet works-in-progress for an impromptu, after-hours, puppet-roadhouse show. Pieces shall be edgy, bawdy, humorous, elegant, or bizarre. Object theater, canastoria, and ventriloquism are likely candidates too. Come romp through the netherrealms of puppet and object theater with King Friday.

Funding made possible in part by the HBH fund.

— Past Shows —


September 2 at 5:30pm

Bread & Puppet Circus at Fort Allen Park

"Bread & Puppet Circus, July 19, 2015. Photos ©Mark Dannenhauer. 2015."
“Bread & Puppet Circus, July 19, 2015. Photos ©Mark Dannenhauer. 2015.”
Free Show – B&P will pass the hat
Bread & Puppet Theater is an internationally celebrated company that champions a visually rich, street-theater brand of performance art filled with music, dance and slapstick. Its shows are political and spectacular, with huge puppets made of paper maché and cardboard.
Fort Allen Park: This grassy spot with water views features seating areas, a gazebo & many historical monuments. Bring a chair or a blanket, a picnic and the whole family!
Free Sourdough rye bread with garlic aioli will be served to the public and Bread and Puppet’s famous Cheap Art will be for sale after the show.
The Bread and Puppet Circus promotes nothing less than a full-scale insurrection against the ongoing catastrophe that is the current political and economic order. The necessary insurrection is enacted by a washer women’s demolition and composting force, elementary protectors pursuing their protection vocations, and decapitalization decapitations of capitalist monsters, frequently interrupted by unignorable sunrises.

April 26 at 7pm
Bread & Puppet: Faust 3

Faust 3 Main Image

“FAUST 3 is a show about immigrants, democracy, how to deal with authoritarian powers, the demise of middle-class security, and the possibilities of collective action.” -John Bell, Ballard Institute & Museum of Puppetry

As thematically and formally diverse as Goethe’s Faust 1 and 2, Bread and Puppet’s Faust 3 draws its public through a dreamlike succession of scenes depicting various salient aspects of proletarian experience in our time: from refugee migration, to the ubiquity of the gun; from the hunger that accompanies food product diversity, to the daily experience of factory workers, the rebellion of prisoners, and the adoration of the sun. “Faust 3” himself is played by a small hand-puppet, darting between the hopper and the spout of a giant grain mill. A phalanx of black folding chairs menaces the masses with its resolutions of pity. Lubberland choral dancers hop, wiggle, and whistle, and a purple brass band arrives to jitter levity into the feet of the population.

March 25 at 7pm

Puppet Cabaret – Peaks Island Puppets, Fat Lion, Janoah Bailin, Bridget McAlonan, Tophat Miniature Stage Productions

Fat Lion Wheel

Local puppeteers and the odd juggler perform skits and shorts, with acts by
Peaks Island Puppets
Tophat Miniature Stage Productions
Fat Lion Productions
Janoah Bailin
Bridget McAlonan

These short acts include cutout paper wonders, spinning dreamscapes, a modern take on a classic Jewish folk tale, and joking while juggling. Get a taste of local talent and puppetry.

March 17 & 18 at 7pm
Puppet Cabaret with Shoestring Theater and a Thunder Show

Peter Pan 3

As if you didn’t hear enough from a narcissistic guy; come laugh the winter blues away at Mayo Street Arts. The Shoestring Theater will be presenting their newest puppet production Peter Pan on Friday March 17th & Sat March 18th at 7pm at Mayo Street Arts, along with The Man Who Rode the Thunder – the True Story of a Pilot who Ejected into a Thundercloud and Lived to Tell the Tale – by Blainor McGough, Aleric Nez, Jimmy Doherty.

Don’t expect a sappy story of childhood adventures ,there’s a new world order and Neverland is part of it! Tigerlily ‘s grown into Tiger Mom and if our Governor has his way the Lost Boys will be heading back down the highway, bye-bye Shifty.
Brought to you by the same cast that took us to Wonderland with Alice, this hilarious children’s and adult puppet show ” is huge , really huge. really big trust me – because i said so.”

Shoestring Theater – Peter Pan
Directed by Nance Parker
Cast : Allison Villani , Zach Rohman, Dylan Rohman. Zara Machatine, Sacaira Machatine, Cat Labarre, Brianna Beebe, Nance Parker.

The Man Who Rode the Thunder – the True Story of a Pilot who Ejected into a Thundercloud and Lived to Tell the Tale
by Blainor McGough, Aleric Nez, Jimmy Doherty

Great for all ages!

Guys & Dolls 2017

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