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March 9 @ 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Music from the criminal underworlds of Sicily, Calabria and Naples

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“Ndrangheta, camurra e mafia/ leggi d’onori, leggi d’omertà/Ndhrangheta, Camurra, e Mafia/ pi cu sgarra nudda pietà/“ “The Ndhrangheta, the Camurra, and the Mafia/ laws of honor and laws of silence/ The Ndrangheta, the Camurra, and the Mafia/ for the one who transgresses, there will be no mercy.”
The poverty, isolation, and exploitation of Southern Italy and Sicily gave birth to secret societies that governed the regions with age old traditional feudal codes of honor, loyalty and revenge. These societies evolved to become today’s organized criminal organizations in Calabria, Naples, and Sicily that are known by the names “Ndrangheta, Camurra, and Mafia” respectively. These predatory organizations have long since stopped acting as local governments for the poor and have terrorized Southern Italy and Sicily for generations.
Malandrino: Underworld Music from Southern Italy and Sicily will present the songs of this dark subculture. Banned in most of Italy and almost never performed anywhere, these songs tell the story of the underworld in the region through prison songs, revenge ballads, odes of loyalty and songs of love and betrayal. Please join us.


March 9
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM