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Turkish Puppetry Workshop with Karagoz Theatre Company!

June 22 @ 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM


Saturday, June 22nd from 1-3pm

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We are very excited to offer this unique opportunity to learn about, create, and engage with traditional Turkish puppets! Leading the workshop will be world renowned Turkish puppeteer, Ayhan Hulagu, who will be bringing materials, music, and videos directly from Turkey. We encourage all to attend this workshop whether you are an aspiring puppeteer or have never been exposed to puppetry and would like to see what it’s all about!

Come back later that evening and watch the second performance of “The Magic Tree” @ 7:00pm!

Magical Tree is a modern interpretation of Karagoz, literally Black-Eye, who is the hero of traditional Anatolian shadow play. The story is turned into screenplay after being rewritten up-to-date by Ayhan Hulagu. Karagoz and Hacivat are the lead characters of an exemplary subject of the Magical Tree like all classic shadow texts.

About Karagoz Theater Company:

Ayhan Hulagu is the founder of Karagoz Theatre Company. Ayhan started to work as a professional artist on shadow plays after Turkeys Culture Ministry and UNIMAs Istanbul office opened training courses jointly in 2009 when Karagoz, the traditional Turkish shadow play, was included in UNESCOs list.
In 2016, he launched the first part of his Karagoz Trilogy. The first leg of his long-term project was called Karagoz in the street and took place in stanbuls districts and neighborhoods. In the US the young aspirant artist launched the second part of his project as Karagoz on the road. The debut play took place in Washington, D.C.,and then expanded to other cities. He is also a professional actor, writer and member of  UNMA-USA.

Ayhan organizes workshops and exhibitions to endear the traditional puppet play to a new audience in the U.S. He teaches the mysteries and features of this traditional play, which secured a spot on UNESCOs list.

The third phase of his Karagoz Trilogy is expected to take place in the future. Karagoz back to home features a series of plays with the main theme of homecoming, which symbolically signifies the return of the traditional play to a place considered to be its home territory. He even brought this tradition play to Broadway, making great strides in his career.


“Karagoz is cultural heritage of humanity – UNESCO”
“500 years of Karagoz art in America”


June 22
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM