Mayo Street Arts Funders and Supporters

Mayo Street Arts programs would not be possible without your help – thank you!

MSA Creator’s Circle

The Creator’s Circle was established by our Board of Directors to thank and acknowledge those whose generosity has made a significant impact on our organizations’ success. Creator’s Circle members give $300 or more each year to our annual fund. Creator’s circle members receive special invites to select events and gatherings throughout the year, but more importantly, have the knowledge that they support the arts, education, and opportunities for the most diverse community of youths in Maine in a significant way.  

Thanks to Our Creator’s Circle Members

$1,000 and above
Julia and Jim Brady
John Clark
Donna Roggenthien and Ronald Leeking
Elizabeth Whitman and Harro Jakel
Mary Allen Lindemann
Leslie Anderson and Danton Nygaard
Polly Plimpton and David Worobec
Katy Rydell

$500 and above
Hayden and Meredith Anderson
Rich Entel
Eva Goetz
Cyrus and Patricia Hagge
Sandra Ste. George and Phil Hoose
David Johanson
Joy Carren
Charles Miller
Steven Gruverman and Marie Wendt
Holly Doggett and Daryl Turicek

$300 and above
Joan and Daniel Amory
Cullen McGough and Elizabeth Charles-McGough
Alison Hildreth
Blainor McGough and Brian Arlet
James Rohman
Catherine Share

Thanks to All Our Generous Members and Supporters – We couldn’t do it without you!

$150 and above
Elizabeth Ackerson
Joan and George Arlet
Myron Beasley
June Delano
Catherine Fisher
Larry and Allice Hayden
Charlie Hewitt
Jane and Clayton Herbert
Peg and David Jensen
Leigh Kellis
David and Pandora LaCasse
Caroline Loupe
Laura Kittle and Jeremy Moser
Jan Piribeck
Patti Poole
Steve and Christine Rohman
Leslie Runser
Elena Schmidt
Craig Bramley and Kimberly Simmons
Rosemary Stayduhar
Mr. Juris Ubans
Patricia and Lyle Voss
Annie Wadleigh

$75 and above
Nancy and Jonathan Aldrich
Kathryn Anker
Nancy Arnold
Victoria and Erno Bonebakker
Nancy Chatfield
Jacob McNally and Leah Coplon
Michael and Carla Cutting
Carl Dimow
Donna Doughten and Joel Eckhaus
Susannah Ford
Noel Genova
Megan Grumbling
Hannah Gundersdorf
Gunnel Larsdotter and Richard Reed
Charles Bruce and Wendy Hazard
Derek and Naoko Jaskulski
Daniel and Claire Johanson
David Johnson
Eric Kawamoto
Tim Kennedy
Kenneth Spirer and Joan Leitzer
Alice Kornhauser
Thomas Kovacevic
Lee and Meri Lowry
Leila Meehan
Robert Montgomery
Troy Moon
Maggie Muth
Deirdre Nice
Constance Ortolani
Peter Bass and Lin Lisberger
Frank Pierobello
Matthew Schreiber
Susan Stewart and Rob Schreiber
Barbara Simon
Lizz Sinclair
Oliver Smith
Alice and Richard Spencer
Ms. Caroline Teschke
Jennifer Van West
Susan Webster
Belinda Ray and Ward Willis
Kathryn Yates

$50 and above
Stanley Abraham
Alexander Adams and Bobbie Gilchrist
Ian Bannon
Kathleen Bender
Erica Burkhart
Erika Clark-Jensen
Trudi Cohen
Heather Davis
Kelly Dorr
Ruth Elkin
Jeremy Fink
Nancy Fox
Suzanne Gagnon
David Greenham
Owen and Audrey Grumbling
Elizabeth Guffey
Gunnel Hansen and Einar Juhlin
Chuck and Enes Henegar
Philip James
Jefferson Cotton and Kamala Grohman
Juliet Karelsen
Edward and Leslie Kaynor
Julia Kirtland
Danika Kuhl
Libby Marcus and Davis Robinson
Susan Sterling and Paul Machlin
Berry Manter
Pilar Nadal
Christopher Patch
Moira Driscoll and David Pence Jr.
Amanda and Mike Petrozzini
Marty Pottenger
Roberta deAraujo and Ron Kreisman
Dylan Rohman
Geralyn Sauer
Alison Smith
Sarah Speare
Dela and Dugan Taylor Murphy
Susan Tureen
Jennifer Hutchins and Peter Weed
Peter and Terry Weyl
Robert Petrillo and Debra Whalen
Kris Wills
Valerie Devuyst and Yuji Yasui

up to $50
Mark Adelson
Janice Bailey
Kelly Baker
Margaret Becksvoort
Elizabeth Berg
Beth Blanchard
Veronica Bouchard
Daniel Brodhead
Marcia Brown
Tim Buckley
Jonathan Cannon
Maryellen Carew
Tony Castro
Dave Champlin
Grace Cleaves
Rachel Conly
Amy Cookson
Catherine Crute
Hannah Daly
Linda and Bill Deetjen
Jacob DeRaadt
Espahbad Dodd
John Farrell
Meg Fournier
Janice Gardner
Kim Gordon
Steve and Judy Halpert
Liana Hawes
Kathleen Held
Ayumi Horie
Pauline Hunneman
Randy Hunt
Bruce Hyman
Susan Inman
Emily Isaacson
Deborah Johnson
Jennie Kain
John and Sue Kennedy
Colleen Kinsella
Caroline Koelker
Julie Larry
Anne Marie Levine
Peter Lindsey
Scott Logan
Glen Loper
Johnna Major
Tracy Mastro
Susan McCloskey
Kelly McConnell
Elaine McGillicuddy
Eleanor Meiners
Markos Miller
Dinah Minot Hubley
Aaron Mosher
Ms. Sarah Mueller
Evelyn Newlyn
Rosa Noreen
Tessa O’Brien
James Patefield and Mackenzie O’Connor
Fiona O’Grady
Michael Patterson
Mihku Paul
Anja Hanson and Derek Pierce
Caitlin Pizzonia
Aimsel Ponti
Henry Powell
Ann Quinlan
Dawn Roberts
Alden Robinson
Zachary Rohman
Josh Saklad
David Sauvageau
Sara Schrock
Stan and Gail Scott
Bonnie Shulman
Molly Siegel
Molly Steinmetz
Christopher Sutherland
Teresa Valliere
Raymond Veroneau
Bethany Waickman
Katharine Wallace
Rosie Wohl
Jacob Wolff

Thanks to our Foundation Supporters

Beim Foundation, Brady Family Foundation, Brick and Beam Society, Brooks Family Foundation, Cohen Foundation,  Heather B. Henson Fund, Maine Community Foundation, Morton Kelly Charitable Trust, New England Foundation for the Arts, Starting Strong of United Way Greater Portland, Virginia Somers Hodgkins Foundation

Thanks to our Business Supporters

Coffee By Design – Silver Level Business Sponsor

Redfern Properties, Rising Tide, Yes Books – Bronze Level Business Sponsors



Tandem Coffee, Woodard & Curran – Green Level Business Sponsors