Our Funders

Supporters of Mayo Street Arts have a direct impact on Portland’s cultural community, and make an investment in keeping the arts vibrant. We invite you to join our wonderful supporters by making a tax deductible contribution.

Please use the “Donate” tabs below to the right to donate via PayPal, or mail checks to Mayo Street Arts, 10 Mayo Street, Portland, ME, 04101.


Brooks Family Foundation, The Quimby Family Fund, Maine Arts Commission, Virginia Hodgkins Somers Foundation, Sam L. Cohen Foundation, Davis Family Foundation, Maine Community Foundation, Donna Roggenthien, Mary and Alan Mary Allen Lindemann and Alan Spear, Heather Henson, Daniel Oleary, Beim Foundation, Blainor McGough, Cyrus & Patricia Hagge, Leslie Anderson, Tom Hinkle, Portland Performing Arts Festival, Maine Initiatives, Annie Wadleigh, Elizabeth Charles, Kealin McGough, Timothy Arlet, Gregg and Sara Lipton, Philip Thompson, Jan Piribeck, Alison Hildreth, Russ Sargent, Joan & George Arlet, David Johanson, Laura Kittle, Megan Grumbling, Myron Beasley, Cathy Bloom, Frank Pierobello, Glenn Morin, Rita Alfonso-Labarbera, Howard & Mary Jane Rosenfield, Hilary and Stephen Andrew, Charlie Hewitt, Katy Rydell, Linda & Bill Deetjen, Ross Metzman, Elena Schmidt, Deidre Nice, Jay York, David Cimato, Bob McKillop, Betsy and Steve Tesh, Emma Holder, Howard Rosenfield, Owen & Audrey Grumbling, Nancy & Jonathan Aldrich, Dr. Mary Dowd, Chuck and Enes Henegar, Steve & Christine Rohman, Gabrielle Broche, Pamela and Peter Plumb,  Catherine Share, Meri and Leslie Lowry, Patti Poole, Justin & Rebecca Nichols, Dugan Murphy, Barbara Simon, Craig and Sarah Lapine, Emily Eschner, Markos Miller, Coastal Veterinary Care, Charles and Rebecca Cole, Hayden & Meredith Anderson, Julia & Jim Brady, Bruce Spang, Susan Conley, William Milliken, Joan & Daniel Amory, John Clark, Steve & Judy Halpert, Susan Yandell, David & Sam Ethridge,, Libby Marcus, Robert & Sally Schaible, Larry & Alice Hayden, Peter Bass, David Pence, Chalmers Hardenbergh, John & Kristen Scarcelli, Julie Goell, John and Cindy Rogers, Luette Saul, Frank Pandolfo, Joao Bordallo, Tracy & Henry Sesselberg, Camila Avery, Sarah Lathrop, Layne & Judy Witherell, Jacob McNally, Joseph Appel, Kathy Hooke, Tony Kieffer, Janelle Bechard, Gregory Kearsley, Christian Berle, Karen Brown, Alexander Jaegerman, Hal & Linda Cohen, Kelly Nesbitt, Beth Blanchard, Jeff Edelstein, Will & Alicia Ethridge, Lisa Wheeler, Nicole D’entremont, Stephen and James Ryan, Mary & Lonnie Floyd, Pip Walter, Rosa Noreen, Susan Neal, Nate & Lien Woodin, Peter and Terry Weyl, Cheyanne MacDougall, Susan McCloskey, Elise Loschiavo, Atlantic Northeast Rails and Ports, Scott & Melissa Knoll, Anja Hanson, Paula Anderson, Paul & Claudia Andrews, Jennifer Claster, David and Janet Loranger, Curulla Annelle, Jo An & Dana Street, Mike Bruenjes, David & Nancy Handwerker, Andrew Graham, Bess Welden, Daniel Littlefield, Amos & Stephanie Goss, The Crowbait Club, Assunta Kent, Leonor McGinn