Wall Dimensions – Exhibits

DSCN0921 DSCN0919  DSCN0918 DSCN0915 DSCN0916  DSCN0914 photo (52)DSCN0917DSCN0402


To give an idea of available spaces. The useable walls on the right are between the three 48″ windows;  76″ and then 75″ of wall space.
On the entry wall (bottom) there is 111″ of wall space. To the right of the “kitchen” door there is a 48″ wall that wraps around a corner to a 10′ wall.
The wall to the left has two spaces between the 48″ windows, one is 72″ and the other is 66″.
Then, there is a 47.5″ wall next to the stage. Height approx 15,’ some walls are more … they are covered with sheetrock.

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