Milonga del Este at Mayo St Arts
Third Saturdays in 2014, 8:00pm – midnight

($12 for entire evening/$10 for those “from away”)

Pre-milonga lesson: 8:15pm – 9:00 pm (some knowledge of Argentine Tango is assumed), Then dancing until 9:00pm – midnight with local and visiting DJs.


Welcoming all social tango dancers! – try out your new shoes, ask someone you’ve never danced with before, meet great people, hear lovely music, refreshments provided.
Golden Age and Contemporary Tangos, Milongas and Valses with a few surprises thrown in! Birthday Valses, Chacareras, yummy refreshments provided along with alt-bev (non-alcoholic).
Please bring indoor shoes, observe line of dance, try out your cabaceo, and clear the floor and find a new partner on the cortina :)
Hosted and organized by DJ Adira (and probably a lot of help from tango friends). Feel free to call with questions: 207 415 7204, or
If you need a place to stay, please contact Emma, and one of our wonderful welcoming local dancers will gladly house you!


Tango Classes:

Sunday Late Afternoon Argentine Tango Practica
Sundays, 5-7pm  $5/dancer

ALL LEVELS WELCOME – Utter and complete beginner through advanced tanguera/o. It’s a practice – not a milonga.

Come and practice your skills in a supportive and enjoyable environment. There will likely be snacks and folks to help you figure things out. Bring a partner to work on stuff if you wish. Music will be of variable styles and cortinas may or may not happen. Music format will be upon the whim of the revolving hosts/DJs.  It is a very flexible and free form environment for us all to work on and improve our dance.

You may use this musical space to teach, analyze, deconstruct, reconstruct and generally help each other improve tango.