Giant Puppet Workshop

Giant Puppet Construction Workshop with Alex Adams. We will make giant puppets for a parade and festival! For all ages. Participants encouraged to come to both workshops. Materials provided. $5 suggested donation.

Lonely Universe Guide to the Other Side

Part of PortFringe FAMILY FRINGE

Lynne Cullen and Janet Lynch

June 28 10:30am
June 29 12pm

Janet Lynch and Lynne Cullen take you on a hilarious safari to realms that exist just a hair’s breadth away from ours. Armed with fiddle, concertina, and a trunkful of stories, your intrepid guides will transport you to worlds in which corpses cheat at cards, ghosts crash parties, and the walls of reality are thin enough to poke through with a stick. No worries, Mate, you’re safe with us!

Story Drum

Katy Rydell & Meredythe Lindsey


Drums and stories! Stories and drums! Taiko drummer Meredythe Lindsey and storyteller Katy Rydell take folktales from around the world and weave them together with the pulsing rhythms of drums.

We Run the Ship

Part of PortFringe FAMILY FRINGE

Mohawk Arts Collective

June 28 1:30pm
June 29 3pm

We Run the Ship is a make your own adventure musical. This is a show for an audience of all ages and imaginations to decide where they want to go next. Featuring live music, new dance moves and puppets.

Dream Time Down Under

Part of PortFringe FAMILY FRINGE

Roger James Kuhns

June 28 3pm
June 29 1:30pm

Join geologist/writer Roger Kuhns on this true-life adventure with his
artist/scientist friend Oliver as they explore for gold in Australia’s outback. The land is
vast and rich in unique trees and wildlife, underpinned by ancient volcanoes and ocean
beds, and interfused with mystic beliefs and precious minerals. Roger and Oliver search
for meaning and purpose, while entering this dramatic and sometimes humorous
dreamtime realm. Kuhns sat around an Aboriginal campfire in dreamtime, encountered
saltwater crocodiles and venomous snakes, and wondered at the art of ancient cultures in
lands turned upside down by tribalism, colonialism and modern business.

The Abandoned Doll

Part of PortFringe FAMILY FRINGE

Allison McCall & Brittany Cook

June 28 4:30pm Mayo Street
June 29 10:30am Mayo Street

A group of modern kids come together on their playground to re-tell Brecht’s Caucasian Chalk Circle while learning a parallel story of a little girl finding and loving an abandoned doll.

June 28: Capoeira Batizado

7:00pm to 8:00pm
Kids $5.00 Adults $10.00

Capoeira is a martial art, a dance, a ritual, and a way of life. It was brought to Brazilian plantations by African slaves over 400 years ago. Capoeira emerged out of traditional dance movements and musical rhythms. Symbolic of liberation and freedom, it has become an integral part of Brazilian culture, and is popular throughout the world today.
The Capoeira Batizado is a ceremonial roda (circle) where new students are recognized as capoeiristas and celebrate their graduation. More experienced students advance from one rank to the next at a Batizado event.

Mestre Joao Cascao Bordallo
facebook: Capoeira Angola Maine Senzala de Santos U.S.A.