Standing with Black Lives Matter

Mayo Street Arts stands with our friends around the globe to speak out against racism.

We stand to promote understanding, justice, equality, and change.

We stand committed to Black artists, colleagues, partners, collaborators, neighbors, and the entire black community.

Black Lives Matter.

Community Resources

Virtual Talk with Judicaelle Irakoze: Practical Ways to Achieve Racial Equity

Tune in to a virtual talk at YWCA with Judicaelle Irakoze on achieving racial (and gender) equity on Thursday, June 11Click here to join and learn more.

Irakoze is the Founder and Executive Director of Choose Yourself which presents speaker series Girl Talk Portland. She will also be hosting the talk The Necessity of Women in Political Leadership this Saturday, June 6live on Youtube.

illustration by @jane_mount

PPL Anti-Racism Resources

Thanks to @ppl_bookmobile for sharing the Portland Public Library’s amazing anti-racism resources (that you can check out soon!) Find the list here and follow Portland Public Library for more.

Diverse BookFinder

For children’s books that can spark conversation and change, we love Diverse BookFinder – a database of thousands of children’s picture books featuring Black and Indigenous people and People of Color (BIPOC), published and distributed in the U.S. since 2002! Browse their collections and learn more here.

photo from @weethepeopleboston


We love what families have been posting as part of Wee the People‘s #weechalkthewalk — thanks to Love Lab Studios and Indigo Arts Alliance for sharing so many inspiring examples from the community! Although the event has passed, you can find more workshops, activities, and resources on their website, – here!