Maine Music Project Livestream with Rodney Mashia on 2/25

Rodney Mashia via the Maine Music Project

Tune in on Thursday, February 25, 2021 at 7pm for a livestream performance with soulful singer-songwriter Rodney Mashia to benefit Mayo Street Arts! The show will stream live on the Maine Music Project Facebook page here and is free to watch, but donations are appreciated and will be split between Rodney and MSA.

Born in New Orleans, raised in rural Louisiana and now based in Maine, Rodney has been touching hearts and making folks smile for decades with his music. Raised in the Black gospel music tradition, his music is straightforward and direct. He seeks to speak directly to the listeners hearts. Using his soulful Sam Cooke inspired voice, he sings songs from the folk, gospel, soul, and jazz traditions, as well as many evocative original compositions. Rodney’s life experiences have spanned the black and white American political and musical cultures of the past six decades, all contributing to his unique songwriting and musical style, which he calls “Acoustic Soul: music by and from the heart”.

Big thanks to the Maine Music Project for providing these weekly livestream concerts to support local artists and venues during this time. We are thrilled that Rodney chose MSA to share his spotlight with and can’t wait for the live show!

Learn more about the Maine Music Project here!