Thank You, Grace Kapinga!

We recently learned that later this month Grace Kapinga, a wonderful Congolese dance artist who has performed and led workshops at MSA with Bana Mboka, is relocating to Georgia for work. Grace has spent the past year working as a nurse around the state of Maine to help hospitals up north cope with the pandemic. We wanted to take a moment and celebrate the work that she’s done at MSA with Bana Mboka and wish her bon voyage. She took some time to answer some of our questions below!

Grace Kapinga performing with Bana Mboka at MSA in 2019.

What is your favorite memory from performing with Bana Mboka at Mayo Street Arts?
Bana Mboka really had a great time at Mayo Street Arts. We were able to share love and culture to our community in Portland. People came together to dance and celebrate. For that, I’m forever grateful to Mayo Street Arts for giving us that opportunity.

What will you do next?
I got a job as a travel Registered Nurse at ATC Healthcare in Georgia.

What excites you most about this professional opportunity and the move to Georgia?
The fact that I will be able to do the two things that I love the most; travel around the country and give a hand to hospitals in need of healthcare workers.

Thank you Mayo Streets Arts for all you do for the community.

Thank you, Grace! We wish you the best of luck!