Paradox Teatro’s ​​”Migraciones / Migrations”

FRIDAY, SEP 2 — Doors at 7:00 PM; Show at 7:30 PM

SATURDAY, SEP 3 — Doors at 2:30 PM; Show at 3:00 PM

MIGRACIONES / MIGRATIONS by Paradox Teatro is a poignant meditation on the global migration situation, which draws on the artists’ own surreal experiences in the U.S. immigration system while inspiring compassionate perspectives from the global refugee crisis.

This original work highlights Paradox Teatro’s mesmerizing blend of hybrid puppets, sand drawings, and multimedia shadow puppetry projections to reveal each character’s journey across sand, water, and darkness in search of a new home. These visual mediums are scored by original live music and sparse poetry in English and Spanish so that MIGRACIONES / MIGRATIONS can push the boundaries of non-verbal storytelling, and further Paradox Teatro’s mission to communicate with audiences across cultures and language barriers.