Janoah Bailin’s “rOng: a sOund circus”

SATURDAY, APR 1 — Doors at 7:00 PM; Show at 7:30 PM

SUNDAY, APR 2 — Doors at 3:00 PM; Show at 3:30 PM

janoah … anygoodjokes? conjures a circus ring that centers “rings” in their myriad forms – juggling props, jewelry (and associated myths/meanings), reverberating sounds and so much more! 

Combining circular motions from dance, theatre, and circus, this family-friendly, (optionally) interactive experience creates circuitous connections between movement, music, stories, and humans. Spinning, wobbling, oscillating, Janoah explores the center, edges, insides, and outsides of performance, ultimately asking, “what rings true?”