Thabisa | Folk & Afro-Beat Fusion

FRIDAY, APR 28 — Doors at 7:00 PM; Show at 7:30 PM

Thabisa is a sensational rockstar who fuses world music with folk, jazz, soul, R&B, and Afro-Pop to create an atomic blend of colorful sounds of joy, hope, and longing.

A South African native now residing in New Haven, Connecticut, Thabisa is a dynamic singer/songwriter who rocks the stage with every performance. Her sultry sound spans from raspy transitions as though delivered by Janis Joplin to hip-like chops as if Erykah Badu was her conductor on stage to a smooth operator like Sade while always connecting back to her roots by channeling Miriam Makeba aka Mama Africa.

Thabisa is more than a songstress, she is a unique sound not yet defined — an experience not to be missed.