Kardemimmit | Kantele Concert

SUNDAY, JUNE 4 — Doors at 4:30 PM; Show at 5:00 PM

Kardemimmit [kʌr-deh-mim-mit] is a band of four awesome women playing the Finnish national instrument, kantele [kʌn-teh-leh].

Their modern approach to original pieces has a strong foundation in Finnish, Eastern European, and Scandinavian traditions. The Finnish reki-singing style, 19th-century dancing music and Perhonjokilaakso kantele playing style, Eastern Finnish archaic improvisation, and ancient runo singing are all present in Kardemimmit’s music.

You might wonder what the band’s name means. It’s a play of words. Kardemumma is a spice that Finnish people use a lot in their sweet baking. Mimmit is a word for girls that have bold nature. That means Kardemimmit is actually the Finnish Ethno Spice Girls.