Annual Report 2014


Dear Friends,

Mayo Street Arts is now in it’s fifth year. We thank you all for your continued support of our programs and hope you will find them to be unique, engaging, and worthwhile activities that bring many different people together for good reasons.Club Hip Hop

Our Visual and Performing Arts Programs include over 150 events each year like art exhibits, International music concerts, puppet theater performances, kids concerts, and dance performances.

2014 brought the opportunity to enhance our performance space. A mural by artist Pat Corrigan brought our theater proscenium to life, and we dedicated a votive ship to the Brooks Family Foundation in honor of their great generosity to Mayo Street Arts and the people of East Bayside and Greater Portland. We are nearly finished renovating the former choir loft into a balcony seating area. The new design improves acoustics and sightlines, allows for a more flexible performance space for theater, dance, and youth classes, and brings our event seating from 85 to 115 audience members per event.

Though Portland is known for its vibrant art, cultural, and culinary offerings, youths in East Bayside and other pockets of Greater Portland have limited opportunities to benefit from these qualities due to economic, geographic, and cultural barriers.

At MSA our local youths engage with professional visual and performing art instructors in unique learning opportunities in a neighborhood center that is positive, safe, and fun.

This year we are launching the MSA Creator’s Circle, a giving membership for individuals who have made contributions of over $300 to MSA’s annual fund. We hope that by acknowledging these supporters with this new level of giving we can grow our support base to a more sustaining level over the next five years. We will continue to seek grant support for programs for Community and Youth, and Performing Arts Programs.

So thank you all for being a part of Mayo Street Arts. Your help has made a huge difference. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Blainor Mcgough

Executive/Artistic Director, Mayo Street Arts

MSA Board of Directors

David Cimato, Chair

Megan Grumbling, Vice Chair

Jan Piribek

Myron Beasley

Hayden Anderson

Brian Arlet

Blainor Mcgough

Advisory Board

Annie Wadleigh

June Fitzpatrick

Deidre Nice

Glenn Morin

Bill Milliken


Erika Clark-Jensen, Program Associate

Lauren Fleury, House Manager


Throughout 2014 MSA presented many events, classes and exhibits, ranging from puppet shows to live music performances to swing dance classes. Events continue to grow with over 2,000 attendees during 2014.

Youth Programs

MSA provides classes and opportunities for children between the ages of 6 and 16, focusing on underserved immigrant youths in the East Bayside and Greater Portland communities. Classes met once a week and were free for youth from neighborhood public housing. Hundreds of underserved youths attended puppet theater shows and kids concerts this Spring and Summer. We welcomed over 1,000 students in 2014 to our programs.

Club Hip Hop – 300 students

Music Club – 95 students

Artist Mentorships – 24 Students

Puppet Shows and Kids Concerts – 872




The Art Department

Portland Community Policing

Portland Housing Study Center

Portland Conservatory of Music

Portland Youth Dance

Maine College of Art

East Bayside Neighborhood Organization

Denmark Arts

Northern New Hampshire Arts Alliance

Finances 2014


Grants $96,921.00

Individual Contributions $14,146

Ticket Sales & Rentals $61,050.63

Total $172,117.63



Artist Fees $33,715.59

Program Delivery $81,692.78

Licensing & Insurance $4,756.88

Building Repairs & Maintenance $22,932.71

Utilities $9,961.48

Total $153,061.44


2014 Grantors

Visual & Performing Arts

Brooks Family Foundation – $5,000

The Cricket Foundation – $10,000

Programs for Community and Youth

Beim Foundation $18,500

Virginia Somers Hodgkins Foundation – $10,000

Anderson-Nygaard Fund of the Maine Community Foundation – $2,000

Horizon Foundation, Inc – $10,000

General Support

Brooks Family Foundation – $5,000

Maine Arts Commission – $4,021

Choir Loft Restoration Project

The Quimby Family Foundation – $22,400

Morton-Kelly Charitable Trust – $10,000


Individual Donors and Members.

Thanks to all of you who give to Mayo Street Arts – we appreciate each and every one of you for your generosity. We strive to keep this list updated – bust occasionally we make a mistake. If we have omitted something, please let us know so we can make corrections. 

Creator’s Circle

Charter Members $300+

Cherie Wendelken & Jeb Brooks

Dan Oleary & Kathy Bouchard

Leslie Anderson & Danton Nygaard

Mary Allen Lindemann/Coffee By Design

Donna Roggenthein and Ronald Leeking

Blainor McGough & Brian Arlet

Myron Beasley

Hayden & Meredith Anderson

Cyrus Hagge

Yemaya St. Clair


Steven GruvermanPolly Plimpton & David WorobecKaty RydellNancy & Jonathan Aldrich

Joan & George Arlet

Cathy Bloom

Julia & Jim Brady

Gabrielle Broche

Laura Kittle & Jeremy Moser

Steve & Christine Rohman

Allagash Brewing Co.Catherine ShareAnnie WadleighCharlie Hewitt

Hoddy and Alison Hildreth

David Johanson

Adam and Diana Lee

Russ Sargent


Nancy Fox Caroline Loupe
Rainer Maas Carolyn May
Kelly McConnell Cullen McGough
Bob McKillop Robert Montgomery
Frank Pierobello Jan Piribeck
Elizabeth Reny Robert Rohman
Elena Schmidt Emily Simons
Edward Swain Betsy & Steve Tesh
Philip Thompson



Andrès Abreu Julia Adams
Jim Alberty David An
Amy Anderson Krista Aronson
Lauren Ashwell Celina R Azevedo
Zane Baker Peter Bals
Ian Bannon Zack Barowitz
Kristen Bartlett Elizabeth Berg
Jennifer Claster Rachel Conly
Lauren Costa Linda & Bill Deetjen
Carl Dimow Donna Doughten
Rich Entel David & Sam EthridgeSusan FeketyOwen & Audrey GrumblingKara Haupt

Chuck & Enes Henegar

Ayumi Horie

Sarah Lathrop

Libby Marcus & Davis Robinson

Ms. Caroline Losneck

Bill Minkowitz

Frank Pandolfo

Peter Bass & Lin Lisberger

Patti Poole

David Roberts

Josh Rubin

John & Kristen Scarcelli

Susan Shiko

Joyce Sobus

James Spear

Nancy Thompson

Julia Whyel

Kirsten Wunder

Jay York

Beth GorskiPat HagerLarry & Alice HaydenJacob Hoffman

Julia Kirtland

Christina Leddy

Chelsea Livingston

Erin McCall

Robert McIntire

Dugan Murphy

David Pence

Mike Petit

Amy Reuter

Dylan Rohman

Andrew Sawyer

Robert & Sally Schaible

Lizz Sinclair

William, Alicia, & Wesley Ethridge

Emily Thielmann

Mark Tipton

Mr. Frank Turek

Chris Wright

Up to $35

Mary & Lonnie Floyd Arthur Gaffar
Markos Miller Elizabeth Mortati
Bob Murray Michael Parent
James Rohman Magili Quinn
Carolyn Treat Kay Sullivan
Philip Walter