Current Artists

Maggie Muth

Maggie Muth- Cereal-Box-Art

In November of 2014, Mayo Street Arts studio artist Maggie Muth lived in Moldova teaching art and English in several village schools and a mental health center in Chisinau.  Regular art programming is non-existent in these schools, and Maggie donated her time and money to help make art education accessible for these areas.

From a staff member at the community mental health center where she taught: “Art therapy again… Maggie gets full of enthusiasm and encourages everyone to do the martisor (two flakes or flowers of opposite colors), white and red which represent blood and snow according to legend.  White and red fabric, wires, crochet hooks and away!  In the middle of the class, you find Maggie’s tablet…Classical music…the energy is unforgettable!  Languages in use? Romanian, Russian , English, Italian, Spanish, sign language…and we all get it!”

Maggie states “I get the privilege of working with adults and children with a wide range of mental, physical, psychological, spiritual stuff. This is a hard place to live and support is not readily available to most.”

To learn more about Maggie and her work, visit her artist page here.


Leslie Anderson

Painter Leslie Anderson’s subjects range from landscapes of Blue Hill in the summer to still life and summer imagery in the winter.

In February 2015, Ari Erlbaum from the Salt Institute in Portland took a series of photos of Leslie painting.  These were used for a project depicting different processes.  Below are a few select photos from the series.

You can see more of Leslie’s work on her website.








photos Ari Erlbaum 2015






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