MSA Mission Award Artists

2020 Award Recipients

Ideal Maine Social Aid and Sanctuary Band

Portland, ME, band made up of performers of all levels and a rotating lineup of musicians ranging from hobbyists to professionals, aged 17 to 70.

Styled in the tradition of New Orleans second line bands and the HONK! Festival of Activist Street Bands, the Ideal Maine Social Aid and Sanctuary Band was started by Mike Romanyshyn and Ben Crystal in 2017. The IMSAS Band can be seen and heard playing at community events, marches for social justice, theater performances, First Friday Art Walks, and as MSA’s house band for King Friday’s Dungeon Puppet Slam, amongst other events. Sign up for the Band’s newsletter to learn more about drop-in rehearsals and performance opportunities here!

2019 Award Recipients

Lindsey Bourassa

Flamenco dancer, choreographer, and the founding director of Bourassa Dance Studio of Portland, ME.

Lindsey Bourassa is a Maine based artist who works with international dancers from around the world, and recently received her Master of Flamencology Degree from Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain. Read more about Lindsey Bourassa here

Ikirenga Cy’Intore

Rwandan drum and dance troupe that aims to educate and preserve traditional Rwandan culture.

Rwandan cultural group Ikirenga cy’Intore performs and teaches traditional Rwandan songs, dancing and drumming. This includes Imihamirizo, a type of dance that portrays the power and bravery of the Rwandan people. The group are former Rwanda State Dance Champions and are residents in the East Bayside community of Portland, ME. See a video of their drumming class at MSA here!