Club Hip Hop

Club Hip Hop is a drop-in hip hop dance class for boys and girls ages six to fourteen, taught by professional dancers in collaboration with Portland Youth Dance. The class is free for neighborhood youths from our East Bayside neighborhood and Greater Portland every Friday. The class encourages physical fitness, builds self-esteem, forges friendships, and is extremely popular with the kids!

For more photos and info, check out Club Hip Hop’s facebook page.

Club Hip Hop 10:21:16 A
Club Hip Hop performs for the Lights on Afterschool event at City Hall 10.21.16

SneakerProjClub-Hip-Hop-1024x749 Club Hip Hop 10:21:16 C Club Hip Hop 10:21:16 Ehip hop action

One thought on “Club Hip Hop

  1. I am a parent in South Portland. Our neighborhood has been getting to know many new immigrant families that have arrived in our city. Some families have found homes here and some have been placed in apartments in Portland. I would love to know more about when you hold your program to share with some of the new moms that are looking for community programs for their kids. I know of one family in particular that has 4 children – two girls are in 2nd and 3rd grade – the others younger and they have a new apartment on Montgomery Street. I look forward to hearing more about your program & availability for kids to participate. Thank you!


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