Leslie Anderson

Bio from Leslie’s website:

Leslie Anderson’s summer subject is the landscape of the Blue Hill Peninsula. There, she works as a painter-for-hire, interpreting people’s special places in oils and watercolors. In winter, working in her Portland studio, she paints still life and people and places glimpsed during days of summer painting. Whether out-of-doors or in her studio, her artistic concerns are the same: juxtaposing light and dark, invoking pattern and repetition, and layering sumptuous, harmonious color.

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You can see more of Leslie’s work on her website.

In February 2015, Ari Erlbaum from the Salt Institute in Portland took a series of photos of Leslie painting.  These are being used for a project depicting different processes.  Below are a few select photos from the series.


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Ari Erlbaum 2015 

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