Past Exhibits


Paul Brahms – Paintings
February 6 – May 3, 2020
Virtual Exhibition on April 23 – May 3


Patrick Corrigan
New paintings and narrative drawings from the series “Run Good”
December 4, 2019 – January 20, 2020

Chris Patch, Colleen Kinsella, and Tresor Kwizera
October 3 – November 23, 2019

Zoo Cain
June 6 – August 15, 2019

MP Landis: gardens & peoples
March 7 – 31, 2019


Original Paintings by Paul Brahms
September 12 – October 29, 2018

Paintings and Drawings by Patrick Corrigan
November 15 – December 17, 2018


Martha Miller: A Woman’s Movement
March 16 – April 29 2017

Id M Theft Able


Pat Corrigan, Vince Nez, Brian Arlet

Paul Brahms

Hilary Irons: Petrouchka

Kith and Kin

Capacitate // Negate // Infiltrate

Boys & Girls Club Annual Fine Art Exhibit


Pat Corrigan & Shon Mahoney

Ghosts III


Art for Social Change First Friday Exhibit

Knock Knock


Pat Corrigan - Welcome to Looneyville
Pat Corrigan – Welcome to Looneyville

Pat Corrigan: Welcome to Looneyville

The Search For “Tropical Moon”: The first Phantom Buffalo group (art) show

Pilar Nadal and Anne Buckwalter: Contemporary Fort

April: Dr. Goodweather’s Dreaming Attic

February: Kelly McConnell


December: Future Artists of Portland


Sept 7 – Oct 28: Edwige Charlot and Rachel Gloria: Gilded Roots, Native Grace

June: Angela Warren: Seeing is Hearing

April: Dark Unknown Pleasures: Ryan Alex, Sam Jones, Heather Hudanish, Krysta Davenport


Meghan Howland: Lambs Among Wolves

Various Artists: Puppet Show

Jeni McLaughlin

Portraits: Curated by Heidi Powell

Maine Center for Creativity – Art All Around

Jan Piribek: (EN)CODED LANDSCAPES: Walking-in-Timespace

Johnathan Cook


Gil Corral

Angela Devenney

Art With Heart Hootenanny and Silent Auction

Lemi Ghariokwu: Art’s Own Kind

Willa Vennema, Josh Dallaire, Bryan Bruchman, EBNO: New Beginnings – work by in house artists

Lisa Purinton: Remedies and Repetitions

Arthur Fink and Sara Wilmot: Visual Passion

Irina Alexandrovna Skornyakova: Where You Are