November 1, 2014

King Friday’s Dungeon PUPPET SLAM

King Friday 2014 Poster

Puppetry By: Peaks Island Puppets The Improvised Puppet Project Motionfolk Theater Alex Endy Blainor McGough    

Bharata Natyam for Adults

Bharata Natyam for adults : Saturdays 10-11am This introduction to the classical dance style focuses on body conditioning and flexibility in order to increase stamina,posture and core body strength. Basic adavus(dance steps) and Abhinayaa (expression using the face, gestures, body postures) elements are included. Classes will start with warm up exercises to promote ease of movement and balance, continue with the core Adavus and in the last part focus on Abhinayaa. Classes will be offered in 4 class modules with drop ins allowed. Each class is 1 hour long. A 4 classes module is $50, and a drop-in class is $20. …continue reading

King Friday’s Dungeon (Puppet Slam) 

King Friday 2014 Poster

7pm $15 in adv/$20 at the door | students $10 adv/$15 door Click Here for Tickets King Friday, post-monarch, deposed and living in squalor beneath an old vaudeville house hath requestedeth new puppet works and puppet works-in-progress for an impromptu, after-hours, puppet-roadhouse show. Pieces shall be edgy, bawdy, humorous, elegant, or bizarre. Object theater, canastoria, and ventriloquism are likely candidates too. Come romp through the netherrealms of puppet and object theater with K.F.King Friday’s Dungeon is part of the Puppet Slam Network – brainchild of Heather Henson, daughter of reknowned puppeteer Jim Henson. Puppet slams feature contemporary short-form puppet and …continue reading