East End Community School Partnership

Each year, Mayo Street Arts (MSA) presents three in-school performances with touring artists for PK-5 students living in our neighborhood thanks to a partnership with East End Community School (EECS) and the EECS Parent Teacher Organization (EECS PTO).

Sarah Olmsted Thomas of Alex & Olmsted guides students through creating salmon puppets and using them to reenact the salmons’ life cycle.


The EECS students themselves select the artists from a menu curated by MSA. EECS teachers and faculty then work in collaboration with MSA staff and the visiting artists to design customized thematic learning opportunities, activities, and workshops.Artists spend Friday in residence at EECS and continue to engage the greater community through the weekend at MSA with a public performance and free workshop open to teens and adults.This partnership allows students equal access regardless of barriers (financial, linguistic, family dynamics, etc.) that often prohibit low income and immigrant students from participating in such activities outside of school.The program exemplifies MSA’s “Seat-to-Stage” model of engaging local residents of all ages and abilities in the arts through a strategic events calendar that couples exposure to professional artists with low-risk, high-reward opportunities to engage in the form demonstrated.

Big Lux performs classics and modern pop hits on the violin for the entire EECS student body.


  • PK-5 students living in MSA’s neighborhood enjoy access to high-quality artistic programming regardless of economic means.
  • EECS staff and visiting artists receive support from MSA as they integrate learning opportunities into the curriculum and units of study.
  • Adults and teens in MSA’s Kennedy Park neighborhood benefit from free access to masterclass workshops in multiple art forms.
  • EECS teachers benefit from access to quality arts-integrated activities as well as the opportunity to serve on the committee responsible for facilitating this process.
  • Lastly, MSA benefits from developing year-round relationships with the students rather than serving them primarily through summer programming from July-August.
Thom Wall teaches students the fundamentals of juggling.