King Friday’s Dungeon – A Puppet Slam!

King Friday’s Dungeon meets at Mayo Street Arts as part of the national Puppet Slam Network created by Heather Henson. Puppet artists from around the area perform pieces of puppet theater that are new, edgy, adult-themed, and works in progress.  Check out King Friday on Facebook to see more photos and learn about upcoming puppet slams!

On Friday and Saturday, May 24th & 25th, 2019 King Friday’s Dungeon will return to Mayo Street Arts in Portland, ME. Featuring performances by Tophat Miniature Stage, Maggie Muth, Inventing Trees, Austin Phillips,  Katherine Saunier, IMSAS and more.

Funding made possible in part by the Puppet Slam Network

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Why King Friday’s Dungeon? King Friday, post-monarch, deposed and living in squalor beneath an old vaudeville house hath requestedeth new puppet works and puppet works-in-progress for an impromptu, after-hours, puppet-roadhouse show. Pieces shall be edgy, bawdy, humorous, elegant, or bizarre. Object theater, canastoria, and ventriloquism are likely candidates too. Come romp through the netherrealms of puppet and object theater with K.F.

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