Annual Report 2016


February 14th, 2017

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your support of Mayo Street Arts.

Your membership supports a diverse, dynamic center for the arts that brings local, national, and international artists to town, and provides local children with quality arts and literacy programs throughout the year.

Annual Report 2016 Pic 1
Kids in our summer arts-literacy program, intently watching a puppet show.

With your help we have continued to make progress in presenting a vibrant roster of concerts and performances like the International Heritage Music Series, Puppet Central Series, and other dynamic and engaging theater and arts events. Our building, a former Scandinavian church, continues to serve as gathering space for so many community and artistic groups each year to meet, rehearse, and perform.

Mayo Street Arts provides underserved children from our surrounding neighborhoods with a place that is accessible, safe, and fun. In our summer reading program for international youths, at kids concerts and puppet theater shows, and in our after school programs like Club Hip Hop, many children with the fewest resources benefit from quality arts learning opportunities.

With your help, we will continue to present inspiring music, theater, and art, and engage local youth in arts and education programs throughout the year.

Thank you for your support of the arts and helping to build strong, vibrant arts communities!


Blainor McGough
Executive Director, Mayo Street Arts

Mayo Street Arts Board of Directors, 2016
Jan Piribeck, Chair
Larry Hayden, Vice Chair
Dela Taylor, Secretary
Brian Arlet
Hayden Anderson
Myron Beasley
Rich Entel
Megan Grumbling
Polly Plimpton
Cherie Wendelken

Welcome new 2017 board members:
Charles Miller, Portland
Elizabeth Whitman, Portland

Welcome 2017 Executive committee:
Hayden Anderson, Chair
Larry Hayden, Vice Chair
Dela Taylor, Secretary


Program Participants
Club Hip Hop 199
Music Club 69
Theater Thursdays 50 students
Project RAD 23 students
Artist Mentorships 46 Students
Puppet Shows and Kids Concerts 1,250
Visual and Performing Arts Audience Members 3,930
Visual and Performing Artists 330

Community Partners
Portland Community Policing
Kennedy Park Study Center
Portland Youth Dance
Boys and Girls Clubs
Opportunity Alliance
East Bayside Neighborhood Organization

Exhibits | Exhibiting Artists
Boys & Girls Club Annual Art Show
Haley Cummings and Maia Snow
Alicia Ethridge, Maggie Muth, Manasse Shingiro
Hilary Irons
Paul Brahms
Pat Corrigan, Vince Nez, Brian Arlet

Club Hip Hop getting ready to perform at the annual Old Port Festival in Portland
Club Hip Hop getting ready to perform at the annual Old Port Festival in Portland

Gregoire Pearce & Lindsey Bourassa Mierlita
Choro Louco
Amarantos Quartet
The Squid Jiggers
Ruune /Street Sity Surf /Arwyn Sherman
W.J.Jiordan, DYADO, Ghosts of J.C.
T. Kovacevic, AE McInnis, Leif S. Curtis
Gregoire de la Costa
Kevin, English Muffins, The Last Sip
Le Bon Truc
Big World Jazz Concert
Ghosts of Johnson City Unplugged

Theater and Community Events
Crowbait Club – Monthly Playwrites’ Forum
Self IMPROVment: Monthly Improv Battle
Movie Night – Puppet Films
Sock Monkey Saturday
Tophat Miniature Stage Productions: Romeo and Juliet
Shoestring Theater: Alice in Wonderland
Mixed Nuts
Pie Man Theatre Company: Julius Caesar
Theater Ensemble of Color Showcase
Tophat: Jesus Christ Superstar
Movie Night – The Wizard of Oz
CHEETA Youth Poetry Slam
Tophat: Camelot
The Here Kitty Kitties: America Burlesque
Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers: The Banana Kid
Puppeteers’ Happy Hour: Quarterly Puppet Meeting
The Art of Memory Film Screening
Movie Night – Nashville
Chico Simoes: Mamulengo – Int’l Puppetry
Holly Danger: Halloween Burlesque
Tophat: Little Shop of Horrors
Paul Zaloom: White Like Me
P. Zaloom: Theater of Trash Workshop
Dante’s Inferno Film Screening
Pie Man Theatre Co.: The Secret of Comedy
Les Sorciers Perdus: Metropolis
Tophat: Jekyll & Hyde
Le Bon Truc Dance Workshop
King Friday’s Dungeon – A Puppet Slam
John Clark Pottery Sale
ACOG: A Charlie Brown Christmas
Sandglass Theater: Tape Guys Workshop
Sandglass Theater: Punschi
Shoestring Theater: A Christmas Carol

Finances 2016
Grants $66,205
Direct Contributions $24,975
Ticket Sales & Rentals $71,378
Total $162,558

Artist Fees $24,900
Program Delivery $103,306
Program Supplies $10,949
Licenses & Insurance $5,081
Utilities $7,021
Building Repairs & Maintenance $3,557
Total $154,814

Foundation Support
Visual & Performing Arts

Beim Foundation
Brooks Family Foundation
Heather Henson Fund
Maine Arts Commission
Maine Community Foundation

Programs for Community and Youth
Brooks Family Foundation
Grants to Green
Horizon Foundation
Maine Humanities Council
United Way

Business Sponsors
Coffee By Design
Yes Books
The Holy Donut
Redfern Properties
Portland Food Co-Op

Individual Donors and Members
MSA donors and members play a major role in making MSA a special and creative place for so many.
We couldn’t do it without you – thank you!

Creator’s Circle Members $300+
Hayden & Meredith Anderson
Leslie Anderson & Danton Nygaard
Julia & Jim Brady
Cherie Wendelken and Jeb Brooks
Joy Carren in memory of Charlie DeRoche
John Clark
Holly Doggett & Daryl Turicek
Meg Donnelly
Rich Entel, M.D.
Cyrus & Patricia Hagge
Alison Hildreth
David Johanson
Betsy & Steven Tesh
Katy Rydell
Yemaya & Lucas St. Clair
Elizabeth Whitman & Harro Jakel
Catherine Share
Sandra Ste. George
Blainor McGough & Brian Arlet
Polly Plimpton & David Worobec
Donna Roggenthien & Ronald Leeking

Joan & Daniel Amory
Joan & George Arlet
Pope Brock
Cullen McGough & Elizabeth Charles-McGough
Jefferson Cotton & Kamala Grohman
Larry & Allice Hayden
Jane & Clayton Herbert
Juliet Karelsen
Laura Kittle & Jeremy Moser
Adam & Diana Lee
Charles Miller
Jan Piribeck
Steve & Christine Rohman
Barbara Simon
Alice & Richard Spencer
Dela Taylor & Dugan Murphy
Annie Wadleigh

A High School student mentors an ESL student in our summer reading program
A High School student mentors an ESL student in our summer reading program

Nancy & Jonathan Aldrich
Victoria & Erno Bonebakker
Gabrielle Broche
Marcus Bruce
Jill Dalton in memory of Ernie Paterno
Jonathan Daniszewski
June Delano
Donna Doughten & Joel Eckhaus
Chuck & Enes Henegar
Betsy Evans Hunt
Charles & Holly Foss
Owen & Audrey Grumbling
Peg & David Jensen
Harry Konkel
Gunnel Larsdotter & Richard Reed
Jocelyn Leighton
Ross Metzman
Robert Montgomery
Frank Pierobello
Belinda Ray & Ward Willis
James Rohman
Elena Schmidt
Kenneth Spirer & Joan Leitzer
Scott Taylor
Patricia & Lyle Voss
Wayne Valzania & Carolyn Swartz
Kathryn A. Yates

Andrés Abreu
Julia Adams
Toni Andriulli
Peter Bass & Lin Lisberger
Ian Bannon
Myron Beasley
Elizabeth Berg
Erica Burkhart
Dave Champlin
Jennifer Claster
Roberta deAraujo & Ron Kreisman
Valerie Devuyst
Carl Dimow
Moira Driscoll & David Pence Jr.
Sara Jayne Ettinger
Daniel Field
Mary & Lonnie Floyd
Nancy Fox
Sarah Kate Green
Hannah Gundersdorf
Steve & Judy Halpert
Gunnel Hansen & Einar Juhlin
Anja Hanson
Rebecca Herzig
Jake & Emily Hoffman
Sue Kennedy
Amy Kopple
Caroline Loupe
Lee and Meri Lowry
Rose Marasco
Libby Marcus and Davis Robinson
Markos Miller
Margaret Morfit
Justin Nichols & Rebecca Lynch Nichols
Michael & Julia Nickles
Frank Pandolfo
Amanda Petrozzini
Patti Brodeur Poole
Ann Quinlan
Kevin Ready
John & Kristen Scarcelli
Lizz Sinclair
Alison Smith
Susan Tureen
Frank Turek
Juris Ubans
Teresa Valliere
Allison Villani
Isabelle Weyl
Peter & Terry Weyl in honor of Isabelle Weyl
Joseph & Charly Wojtysiak

Up to $35
Espahbad Dodd
Mary Dunn
Kathy Hooke
Meg Hirayama
Alexander Jaegerman
Scott & Melissa Knoll
Jennifer Lunden
Bob Murray
Barbara Sullivan
Lisa Wheeler


Kids pose with Brazilian puppeteer Chico Simoes. Photo Larry Hayden
Kids pose with Brazilian puppeteer Chico Simoes. Photo Larry Hayden