Maine Center for Creativity – Art All Around

Art All Around

August 2011

The Art All Around exhibition tells the story of the project that the Maine Center for Creativity and Sprague Energy Corporation collaborated on to launch the world’s largest public art painting.  The project is a bold initiative to spearhead an international design competition with the goal of transforming 16 oil storage tanks on Portland harbor into an integrated ‘canvas’ of color and design.

The exhibit will: tell the story of Art All Around’s creation & show the five finalists’ designs; take
a closer look at winning artist, Jaime Gili, and the realization of his design; and explore the significance of public art in our community.

Out of 560 submissions, 5 finalists were selected to create a detailed plan for how they would transform the oil tanks into art. Large-scale photos of the finalists’ designs will allow visitors the opportunity to explore these diverse artistic visions.

The exhibit will focus on not only Jaime Gili’s goal of creating something “grand and popular”, but will also put into context the massive scale of the project (which will take over 3,000 gallons of paint to complete).

Visitors will be encouraged to realize that “How you see the world can change the world”.

Opening Reception Friday August 5th, 5-8pm. Free and open to the public.