TAN Artist Gatherings

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Traditional Arts Network (TAN) Gatherings strengthen peer-to-peer connectivity by allowing artists to share work, learn from one another, and identify shared visions and needs.

This is one of the central benefits of bringing traditional artists together—to affirm who they are by meeting peers who continue to practice traditional arts—a seemingly simple idea, but so necessary as people negotiate and shape new roles and identities.

2023 Artist Gatherings:

  • January 13, 2023: One-on-one grant writing assistance with professional grant writers
  • April 29, 2023: Meet other artists, share your work, and learn from each other
  • Fall 2023: Create marketing materials with professionals (photos|video|writing)

Two important issues have emerged from recent gatherings: the need for support of artist-driven projects and the need to teach traditional practices to the next generation. Other issues included the need for affordable rehearsal space, professional development, media collateral, and marketing strategies.