Contemporary Fort: New Works by Pilar Nadal and Anne Buckwalter

6pm-7pm: Art Opening
Individual and collaborative works by Anne Buckwalter and Pilar Nadal. Drawings, prints, and a backyard installation that involve tents, forts, and flags.

7pm-7:30pm: Live npilar fake radio broadcast!

npilar is an analog radio program co-hosted by Anne Buckwalter and Pilar Nadal. Each episode is recorded live on cassette tape each Sunday, usually in Pilar’s kitchen. The half-hour long show is a platform for discussion on a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to: contemporary art, literature, films, holidays, underwear, celebrities, sex, monsters, food, and outer space.

Anne Buckwalter was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and got her BFA in Painting at Tyler School of Art. In 2012, she received her MFA from Maine College of Art. Her paintings and drawings involve the translation of narrative, often by using invented characters and sparse, bleak landscapes. Anne lives and works in Portland, Maine.

Pilar Nadal was born in Rochester, New York. She received her MFA from the Maine College of Art in 2013. Utilizing printmaking and public engagement practices,
Nadal creates playful and interactive prints and installations that explore communication technologies and the spaces that relationships inhabit. She currently lives and prints in Portland, Maine.

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