International Heritage Series

Based on the idea that music is inherent to strengthening community in cultures around the world, the series will celebrate regional music and dance traditions. Performances will showcase leading artists in Arabic folk music, French folk music, Bulgarian Balkan tunes and more.

2018 Shows

2/9 International Open Mic Night 7pm

2/10 An Evening of Middle Eastern and Balkan Music with the Zapion Sextet

3/3 Mierliţa

4/14 Yaeko Miranda Elmaleh


4/28 Arabic Ensemble

10/27 Hiroya Tsukamoto

2017 Shows

December 9 at 8pm: Türkü: Mystical Music of the Turkish Troubadours by Okbari Middle Eastern Ensemble

December 1 at 7pm: International Open Mic Night

June 2 at 7:30pm: Newpoli

May 26 at 7:30pm: Choro Louco

April 28 at 7pm: International Open Mic Night

March 31 at 7:30pm: Les Sorciers Perdus

March 12: Hiroya Tsukamoto Workshop (2pm) and Concert (4pm)

January 27 at 8pm: An Evening of Arabic Music with Zapion

2016 Shows

Nov 6: Le Bon Truc Dance Workshop (4pm) & Concert (7pm)

Nov 4 at 7:30pm: Les Sorciers Perdus

Sept 18 at 7:30pm: Bulgarika

Sept 3 at 7:30pm: Gregoire de la Costa

IHMS Fall 2016 Poster

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