Angela Warren

JUNE 2012

Angela Warren – Seeing is Hearing

I create space in which multi-sensory occurrences fuse within sound and painting.  My paintings are layered from many moments in time, light and sound; ever-changing and overlapping.  I look at shifts in light, changes in color and focus on layers of transitional music.  The viewing experience is continual, noticing variations in color and layers of paint.  Some of the paintings reflect many movements in a score and others just one, all stemming from musical themes.

In considering this body of work, I took into account the space in which they would be hung.  The music, the blue walls, the stained-glass light, the events happening here; they all influence your senses.  The paintings are a part of the space, a continuation of the stage.  The audience is both viewer and listener.

Green Piano Orange Violin is based on Sergei Prokofiev’s four movement musical score, Sonata No.2 in D major Op. 94: l, ll, lll, lV.  Each movement is layered within this painting.  Much in the same way the light shifts as the sun moves in and out of clouds.  The sonata starts off in a light tempo and finishes at a very brisk one; a very dramatic piece.

In viewing these paintings and reading their musical titles the viewer is given the tools to engage both sight and sound.  Seeing a painting and imagining a sound stimulates a multi-sensory experience.  Senses talk to one another.  I create space in which sound and painting interact.  To hear Green Piano Orange Violin go to, I invite you to hear what you see.

Angela Warren



MFA    2011    Studio Art, Maine College of Art

BFA     2007    Painting, Minor in Printmaking, Drake University

Exhibition Record  (*solo shows marked by asterisk)

2012     *Mayo Street Arts Center, Seeing is Hearing, Portland, ME

2012     *Moira Fitzsimmons Arons Art Gallery, Bark as Muse, Hamden, CT

2012     Portland Museum of Art, Artists Intervention, Portland, ME

2012     Space Gallery, Free For All, Portland, ME

2011     June Fitzpatrick Gallery, Two Painters, Portland, ME

2011     Kahbang Arts, Kaleidoscope Gallery, Bangor, ME

2011     MFA Thesis Exhibition, Institute of Contemporary Art, Portland, ME

2011     Fun-A-Day, The Aphodian, Portland, ME

2010     *A Proposition of Color and Sound, screening, ICA, Portland, ME

2010      Sacred and Profane, Portland, ME

2010     Friedman Gallery, Maine College of Art, Portland, ME

2010     * A, Free Street Gallery, Portland, ME

2010     Collective, Mulford Collectors Gallery, Rockland, ME

2010    *  Bark as Muse, M&B Gallery, Portland, ME

2010     Diverse Landscapes, Lincoln Street Gallery, Rockland, ME

2009    Collage Party, I.C.A., Portland, ME

2009    * Blue Hill Co-op Gallery, Blue Hill, ME

2008    Walk in Closet, Thoreau Center, Des Moines, IA

2008    Des Moines Art Center Student Show, Des Moines Art Center, IA

2007    Full Frontal: The Art of Confrontation, Des Moines, IA

2007    East Village Art Coalition Juried Exhibition, Des Moines, IA

2007    Badlands, Drake University, Des Moines, IA

2007    * Shifting Grounds, BFA Thesis Exhibition, The Fitch Gallery, Des Moines, IA

2007    36th Annual Student Juried Exhibition, Drake University, Des Moines, IA


2011                 Joan Mitchell Grant Foundation, Nominee

2009-2011         Maine College of Art Scholarship, Portland, ME

2007                 Annual Student Juried Exhibition:

First Place in Painting, Drake University

2006                                       Second Place in Sculpture, Drake University

2005                             Honorable Mention in Printmaking, Drake University

2008                  Des Moines Art Center Scholarship, Des Moines, IA

2003-2007        Presidential Scholarship, Drake University

2003-2007        Department of Art and Design Scholarship, Drake University


2012       Instructor, Maine College of Art, Continuing Studies Program, spring 2012

2011        Adjunct Professor, Maine College of Art, fall 2011, Foundation Drawing

2011        Instructor, Maine College of Art, Continuing Studies Program, fall 2011

2011        Teaching Assistant, Maine College of Art, spring 2011 (instructor of record) Special Projects in


2010        Teaching Assistant, Maine College of Art, spring 2010 (instructor of record) Critical Approaches

Teaching Assistant, Maine College of Art, Fall 2010 (instructor of record) Women and Art

2008        Teaching Assistant, Des Moines Art Center, Spring 2008 Printmaking

Professional Service

2011   Currently serving on the board of directors for Kabang Arts Festival, Bangor, ME

2009   Co-Founder of Central Street Studios Artist Collective, Bangor, ME

2009   Gay Pride Festival Exhibition, Bangor, ME

2008   Bangor Sidewalk Festival, Bangor, ME

2008   West Market Square Festival, Bangor, ME

Exhibitions Curated

2011   Kahbang Arts Festival, Kaleidoscope Gallery, Bangor, ME

2010  Thing Event, Maine College of Art, Portland, ME

2010  Collective, Mulford Collectors Gallery, Rockland, ME

Visiting Artist Lectures

2011  Maine College of Art, Art Educators Week, Portland, ME


2009-2010    Eastern Maine Medical Center, Public Arts Commission,  Bangor, ME

2008             Lucca Restaurant, Paintings, Des Moines, IA

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